Engine Replacement in Lewisville

Replace your engine with a used or re-built engines in prices that will fit your budget

Engine Replacement at Kwik Kar Lewisville mechanics can replace your engine with a used or rebuilt engine at prices that will fit your budget. The last two Engines our mechanics replaced was for a 2001 Toyota Camry and 2007 Hyundai Sonata.

In order to meet Federal Exhaust Emission and Fuel Economy regulations, today’s vehicles are equipped with highly sophisticated electronic engine control systems. Your vehicle’s onboard computer receives information from a network of sensors and switches that convert engine operating conditions into electrical signals.

About 85% of vehicles on the road have either a check engine light on or some other safety issue such as a broken license-plate light, loose gas cap, a worn spark plug, poor emissions, low transmission fluid, or cracked hoses and belts, according to the Car Care Council, a nonprofit consumer education organization.

Replace Your Engine or Have Your Old Engine Rebuilt?

The first step in replacing an engine is to confirm the old engine is beyond fixing or requires so much labor to repair that it is better to replace it. Many internal problems can be repaired without having to completely overhaul the engine – provided the rest of the engine is still in relatively good condition. That includes replacing a blown head gasket, a broken or rounded camshaft, a cracked piston, worn valve guides, burned or bent valves, a cracked head, or even a spun bearing. But if the block is cracked, can’t be repaired without major machine work, or has to be completely disassembled, the cost of parts and labor may tip the scale in favor of replacing the engine.

Engine Replacement in Lewisville options includes a used engine from a salvage yard (risky but usually the cheapest alternative), a remanufactured engine (short block or long block), or a new “crate” engine from the original equipment manufacturer. Good used engines for many vehicles are hard to find, and the salvage yard warranty rarely covers installation labor. A safer bet is to replace the old engine with a new or remanufactured engine that is backed by a performance warranty as well as an installation labor warranty

Engine Replacement in Lewisville and Emissions Compliance

One thing you have to keep in mind with all late-model engine installations is emissions compliance. The replacement engine must be identical to the original so all the required emissions controls and sensors can be installed the same as before. Some engines may have special camshafts, heads, or pistons that require a perfect match to meet emissions. Close enough may not be good enough on some of these applications.

Also note, if you are buying a used engine or a remanufactured engine from an offshore supplier for an import vehicle, the engine may not be equipped with U.S emission controls or have the same sensor hookups as your old engine. This can sometimes cause installation issues or may prevent you from passing an emissions test. So make sure the engine either meets U.S. emission rules or can be easily modified to accept the same sensor and emission control hookups as your old engine BEFORE you buy it.

Engine Performance Upgrades

Another option to consider when replacing an engine is upgrading performance. If more horsepower is wanted, various performance modifications and add-ons may be included, such as a hotter camshaft, higher compression pistons, a performance intake manifold, stroker crankshaft, oversized pistons, or aftermarket cylinder heads with larger valves, etc.

Another option is to install a ready-to-run “crate” engine. Many engine builders offer mild to wild performance engines that are built to almost any specifications. Crate engines typically cost 20 to 25% less than custom-built engines and are available online and from a variety of sources. The engine may be a long block with or without valve covers and oil pan, or it may include an intake manifold, water pump, and carburetor, or fuel injection system.